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Your hair is not a number: 4C what's that all about?

Posted by Dr. Ellana on

Numbers and letters for my hair? Where did this come from?

You might not know his name but I’m pretty sure you’ve seen the hair chart somewhere. Andre Walker is the man who created the hair typing system. He worked as Oprah Winfrey’s hair stylist from 1985 to 2015 and in 2013, Walker along with a partner founded Andre Walker Hair LLC. In 2015, the company launched a new hair care system for naturally textured hair, called The Gold System, as well as The Andre Walker Hair Typing System. It’s said that he created the hair typing system to sell his hair care products.



This system is well-known and can be found everywhere but mainly in African American communities. Knowing your curl pattern is very important so you know how to take care of your natural hair. Just know that when choosing the proper hair care products, certain hair products that may work with a 4A curl pattern might not work with someone with a 4B curl pattern. This is also why most mainstream hair care products will not work for African Americans with natural hair. With so many people embracing and reclaiming their natural hair textures, there are many products that have ingredients that cater to natural hair better than those for chemically processed hair. The key to properly moisturizing and adding definition to your natural hair curl patterns is to use products that include natural ingredients like olive oil, coconut oil, and other essential oils. 

All these Hair Types!

All of these hair types are different, but it is still extremely important to maintain a moisturized head of hair. Even though 4A hair retains moisture better than the other hair types, it is still susceptible to breakage and dryness. Having a dry scalp can cause large amounts of dandruff and breakage. Safo's scalp serum is perfect for alleviating dry scalp and dandruff. Applying heat to the hair in any form can cause heat damage if not protected properly. Using Safo's hair moisturizer is the key ingredient to happy and healthy hair. 

Remember, how you care for your body and what you eat can also affect the healthiness of your hair, regardless of the type. Safo Hair offers products that help moisturize the scalp and hair for all hair types. 

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