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Falling in love daily

Our uniquely formulated hair and scalp products infused with CBD allow for healthy scalp care to promote hair growth and sustain moisture, so that you, too, can fall in love every day!

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all opportunities are not made equal

Just as our complexions vary so greatly so does our hair. We are building a community around understanding the importance of scalp health in ensuring healthy locs of hair and hope Safo Hair will be the catalyst to this movement. Join in as an investor today to get your piece of the Safo Hair Care tribe!


Hey there, we are so happy to see you here!

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Love this product!

"My hair loves this product! After using this product for a month, I noticed that my hair retained moisture longer. I started by applying the product daily and eventually I could go several days between applications and my hair stayed moisturized. I also love that it’s lightweight and does not leave a residue!"


Hair Serum- Ahhh!

"If my scalp could talk, it would have belted out a sigh of relief. Ahhh! The dryness and itching was instantly relieved with the first application."


Simply Amazing!

“Simply an amazing product for my hair and beard. Great smell, lasting feel and an overall excellent product. It left my hair feeling soft and healthy!"


Made my beard fuller!

"I put the moisturizer on my beard and it kept my beard from tangling and made my beard fuller."


Long lasting moisture!

"Provided a long lasting moisture to my scalp. Great consistency that worked well for my hair and scalp."