Dermatologist Tested

Our pledge    natural ingredients with a focus on scalp health

Our Story

YAR-eh Sa-fo

Yare | safo


Yaresafo means Healing

True healing comes from the source and getting to the root of every issue.  Especially when it comes to your hair.

Our hair is both our pride and expression of ourselves and huge indicator to our overall health.

Meet Dr.Ellana

Our Founder

Call her Ellana

Emergency Room Physician, Trichology Certified, Founder of @safohair, and Dog Mom Extraordinaire. 

I want you to have healthy hair from the inside out. 

I am an emergency medicine physician, driven by a passion for healing. My brand is a reflection of this commitment to wellness, recognizing that it's not just about hair; it's a profound expression of ourselves and mirrors our overall health. The inspiration for creating this brand arose from a personal need. Having faced challenges with thyroid and fertility issues, I struggled to find products that catered to my specific needs.

Benefits of Natural Plant-Based Remedies

We’re infused with love and centuries old herbal tradition. 

Our plant-based ingredients are rich in vitamins, minerals, and nutrients your hair and scalp need to be healthy from the inside out. 

We’re Paraben Free, Silicone Free, and Dermatologist Tested. 

Clear out bad hair days.

Committed to scalp and hair health