About Us

After years of struggling with her own hair care journey, founder Dr. Ellana decided to take matters into her own hands. She became a product junkie and found that there was a lack of representation in the market for hair like hers, so she began experimenting with high quality ingredients to create a product that would combat her dry, brittle hair.

At Safó Hair, we make hair health our priority. With clean products and special attention to our ingredients, we aim to help you make hair care part of your self care journey. It all boils down to ensuring you fall in love with your hair every day!

It was when her state legalized the use of CBD that she started researching how CBD could be helpful to her patients in their healing process. She realized that CBD had incredible properties that could benefit the scalp, so she experimented with using high quality CBD oils in her products and saw a massive shift in her hair health. 

With trial and error, Ellana began sharing with friends and family who have also seen radical shifts in their hair and beards. Softer hair, holding moisture and style, and help with growth are all things that her products are doing for people. Her love of making a difference in people's lives is what pushed Ellana to share this passion project more and more, and we are so happy that you have landed on this page! We hope that the products make a huge difference in your life, as well!