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Clarifying Shampoos & Why They Matter

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Regularly deep cleaning your hair will allow for optimal scalp health. But what does deep cleaning really mean? It means removing all residue from products you have used and selecting a good clarifying shampoo to assist in the effort. Not sure what a clarifying shampoo is?  And how do you know if you even need a clarifying shampoo?

Well, let's dig in!

The deeper clean

When you think about it, the point of a clarifying shampoo is to remove excess and unnecessary ingredients that have built up on your hair over time. Things like oils, styling products, gels, butters and creams build up on your hair after each use and these things can attract dust and pollutants from the air.  Overtime, this residue left over from products can build up, weigh on the hair and block additional products from working properly on your hair or scalp. 

Clarifying shampoos have a reputation for stripping hair because they are typically formulated to strip away all the build-up on hair and often times stripping away moisture. Cosmetic chemist Ginger King says that many clarifying shampoos use chelating agents like EDTA and tetrasodium EDTA, which latch on to metal ions that may be in your water. “Their function is to ‘chelate’ (form a bond with) metal ions in water so that the water is softer and better for the hair,” she says. She notes that while EDTAs are less harsh on your strands than other surfactants, that doesn’t mean they can’t be stripping and drying. This is why some brands add moisturizing agents to their clairfiers.

There are some clarifying shampoos without EDTAs in their formulas. King mentions that "EDTAs can cause sensitivity for some people over time, but other than that, there are no health concerns.” Clarifying shampoos should not be used with your regular shampoo days and likely best used after prolonged usage of other products. 


Recommended Use

If you feel your hair is not responding to products like it normally does or if it seems a bit lifeless it's time to use a good clarifying shampoo. While some say clarifying shampoos can be applied every 2 weeks, some experts say to apply once a month.  It really demends on your hair type, type of products you use and how frequently you use them.  Because clarifying shampoos does such a good job of purging hair of any and every trace of buildup and gunk, your natural oils (which keep your hair shiny and your scalp happy) also can get whisked away.  So weekly usage is typically not recommended.  

If you're looking for a good clarifying shampoo, find a sulfate-free clarifying shampoo like Safo Hair’s new Clarifying Shampoo that will sufficiently rid the build-up without stripping the hair of it's oil. Our Clarifying Shampoo is infused with CBD oil allowing for cleansing and moisturizing of the scalp and hair strands.

This also means that your scalp will maintain their healthy natural hair oils, too!

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