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Who to Trust When Buying CBD

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When shopping for any product that goes into or on your body, it’s essential to know the ingredients, their safety, and where they come from. This is especially important when seeking out CBD topicals, which are intended to be used on your largest and most precious organ: the skin! 

The market has become saturated with thousands of brands, making it difficult for consumers to decipher which are legitimate and prioritize quality above everything – but don’t fret! We’re here to show you how to properly vet products with some tips on what to look for when researching. 

We’re covering three specific requirements that’ll help you weed out (pun intended) the iffy CBD formulas out there: a COA (certificate of analysis), a dedication to providing accurate educational materials, and consumer reviews. 

Transparency without exception

First thing’s first: If a brand doesn’t have a certificate of analysis readily available for you to read, don’t even consider it as an option. A lack of transparency is a major red flag. 

In case you aren’t aware, a COA is a form of quality control that comes from a trustworthy third-party laboratory. This ensures that you receive the most accurate results without any bias. The certificate basically tells us a lot about a product: how much CBD, THC, and other cannabinoids it contains, potency, possible contaminants like pesticides or heavy metals, and more. After reading over the COA, cross-reference with the brand’s claims to ensure they match up with the results. You can also dig a little further and look up the lab to see if it’s accredited and follows all guidelines set by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO)

Safo is all about full transparency. Our primary goal is to establish a sense of trust among our customers, so they can have peace of mind knowing our formulas are pure, safe to use, and sustainably sourced. You can find our certificates of analyses from Encore Labs, California’s premier accredited cannabis testing lab, on the product pages for our scalp serum and hair moisturizer. They’re also dermatologist and physician-approved! 

Look for balanced CBD education

Whether through blog posts or YouTube videos, a dedication to supplying consumers with well-rounded educational materials is a fantastic sign! This means their ultimate objective is to help you understand the intricacies of CBD, from the reported benefits to potential risks. CBD is still quite new to the market, so we have a great responsibility to provide real, non-embellished content that gives you a full picture. Misinformation is dangerous, and here at Safo, we aim to provide the most accurate information possible. 

Our Roots blog deep dives into CBD safety, the endocannabinoid system, possible adverse reactions, hair and scalp health, and much more. When researching brands, also be mindful of verbiage. For example, when sweeping medical claims are made, such as CBD is guaranteed to cure X, Y, and Z, you should immediately move on. This is completely irresponsible; unsubstantiated health claims can mislead consumers. And according to the Federal Trade Commission, brands can be subject to law enforcement. 

Reviews can establish more trust 

In addition to seeking a COA and educational materials, you’ll want to read reviews to learn more about how people are responding to certain products. Hearing from fellow consumers brings even more transparency and reassurance. Obviously, if most of the feedback is negative, you’ll know to steer clear. If the reviews are mostly positive and don’t outline any life-threatening issues, the brand is worth considering! 

However, if a brand is new on the scene and doesn’t have reviews yet, we recommend posting a call to action on social media; that way, you can see if anyone in your circle has used the products you’re considering. Another idea is to contact the brand directly to see if they can send testimonials. If they’re reluctant to share or don’t have any feedback whatsoever, you may not want to move forward with them. 

As a CBD hair care brand rooted in integrity, transparency, and education, Safo strives to elevate your wellness without pretense. Your hair and scalp health matter, and you deserve nothing but the best ingredients that are natural and sustainably sourced. Our thoughtful formula harnesses the combined benefits of CBD, rosemary, eucalyptus, sunflower, safflower, olive, and avocado oils, so that you can enjoy a wholesome and honest hair care ritual. 

To learn more about Safo’s ethos, click here! You can also access more blog posts, and review our certificate of analysis on each product page. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us

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