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Are CBD Hair Products Safe to Use?

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As with any new product on the market, one can’t help but ponder: Is CBD hair care safe to use? This is an important question to ask if you’re considering trying any hemp product, whether it be ingestibles like gummies, or topicals like Safo’s scalp serum and hair moisturizer

In today’s post, we’re addressing how CBD hair care can be safely used to reap all its benefits! Mainly, how adverse reactions are uncommon, whether CBD shows up on a hair follicle test, and what to look for in quality products.

Can CBD cause adverse reactions? 

The World Health Organization has classified CBD as safe to use. But naturally, our bodies are unique and react differently, so start low and go slow. There’s always a very minimal risk that CBD hair products can cause itchiness on the scalp. 

To date, formal studies on adverse reactions to CBD topicals are pretty scarce. According to a report issued by the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), only a tiny percentage of users experienced itching after ingesting or topically applying CBD oil. But here’s the interesting part: it may not have been caused by CBD itself, but rather, additives or toxins that are known to trigger unfavorable side effects. This is why one must be very discerning when shopping around! 

All to say, it’s far more common to get a case of the sniffles and itchy eyes when ingesting or smoking cannabis, but, there isn’t any conclusive evidence that categorizes CBD hair care as an irritant. What we do know is that CBD may actually soothe skin irritation and repair your locks!

Will CBD show up on a hair follicle test?

If you’re required to undergo hair follicle testing, there are a few things you should definitely be aware of! First off, drug tests don’t screen for CBD, since it’s legal in the United States. Regardless, it’s highly unlikely that commercially available CBD topicals like shampoos, scalp serums and hair moisturizers would lead to a positive test result so long as they don’t contain a significant amount of THC, the intoxicating cannabinoid that’s easily detected. 

To that end, it’s very easy to be confused or misled into thinking you’re using CBD and CBD alone… research is crucial, friends! For instance, if a product is deemed “full-spectrum CBD”, this indicates it was derived from the entire cannabis plant, and may contain THC. However, “trace” amounts of THC (around 0.03%) are completely safe and not nearly enough to intoxicate you.

What makes Safo a great option for your hair care needs: Our tried and true CBD formulas are THC-free and contain complementary ingredients like rosemary and eucalyptus for added benefits! 

Transparency, transparency, transparency.

We can’t stress this enough: not all CBD products are created equal! We always suggest taking some time to do a little research online and speak with a healthcare professional. This will help you distinguish legitimate CBD products from those that may be questionable. It all comes down to transparency; if there is none… red flag!  

To start, be sure to check for third party lab testing. This is a quality control process that entails an independent laboratory testing products to see if there are any issues that may pose a risk to the public. We’re all about showing you what we’re made of; all Safo hair products are dermatologist-tested and physician-approved. You can find a Certificate of Analysis on each of our product pages. 

Next, check the source. No matter what you purchase in life, it’s good to know where exactly it comes from. With CBD, look out for sustainably farmed products free of harmful pesticides, heavy metals, and fertilizers. At Safo, we’re committed to sustainability and healthy ingredients. Our scalp serum and hair moisturizer are loaded with natural goodness! No parabens, silicone or any other chemicals that don’t serve your beautiful self. 

So overall, Is CBD hair care safe to use? The short answer is yes only if you’re among the majority that can tolerate it, and select the best products that check off all the boxes. For more information (you can never get enough!), take a look at our overview of ingredients, enlightening blog posts, and subscribe to the Safo newsletter for a comprehensive CBD 101 guide. 

Still have questions? We’re always here to support you on your journey toward healthier and happier hair! Reach out to our team here.
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