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Safo’s Roots

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From the Beginning

Ellana, CEO and Founder of Safo Hair, has 10-plus years of experience providing medical care and medical expertise to improving quality of care for underserved communities, including global communities. At the core, Safo Hair believes in holistic well-being and healing from the root.

After years of struggling with her own hair and scalp, Dr. Ellana sought out the top-rated dermatologists, only to find that they had no products that focused on the health and healing of Black hair. As an Emergency Room Physician, Dr. Ellana knew there was more to it than just treating the symptoms.

As the conversation around the benefits of CBD grew in the U.S., Dr. Ellana became inspired by her own roots and started experimenting and researching the benefits of CBD for Black hair. She quickly saw improvements with her own hair health, then began sharing her recipes with family and friends.

About Safo Hair

Now she has created Safo Hair - a clean, non-toxic hair care line focused on getting back to your roots and promoting nourished hair.  The Safo Hair care line is infused with herbal ingredients passed down from family traditions combined with CBD for the conscious consumer seeking to restore health and hydration to their hair and scalp.  These products are uniquely formulated to support dry hair, and hair thinning and breakage, ultimately leaving the hair and scalp hydrated and happy.

Safo Hair was born out of years of frustration of feeling left out of the hair and beauty industry.  Many within the African American community, especially women, have used chemicals such as relaxers and texturizers to straighten their hair in order to loosen their curl pattern. After years of use, these chemicals can leave your hair dry, brittle and damaged, so there was something missing in the industry to help our hair remain hydrated and healthy.  As you know, hair grows from the scalp, so the condition of your scalp will ultimate affect the condition of your hair.  The scalp is part of the largest organ of the body, the skin, and is made up of sebum glands which produce sebum, which is a natural oily waxy substance. Sebum has the ability to travel down each strand of hair, helping the hair to stay conditioned and moisturized. 

On natural hair types, sebum has a hard time working its way down tighter and coily hair.  Too much sebum can cause more dirt to become attached to the hair, while too little sebum can leave your natural hair dry. This is why washing your hair regularly with conditioner and using moisturizer is important. Using a gentle shampoo (alcohol-free, ph-balanced, non-toxic, moisturizing - coming soon) will cleanse your scalp without stripping it of its natural sebum and preventing an unhealthy build up.



Let’s Get To The Root of It

We’re here for the people. We have created a clean, non-toxic hair care brand powered by the healing benefits of CBD to repair, restore, and rejuvenate the hair and scalp.

Safo products are about healing from the core. We’re creating hair care rituals that will address root concerns and provide educational content to empower a healthy hair relationship with an entire hair wellness lifestyle.

Invest in Safo Hair:  Getting to the Root of Health Hair with a CBD Infused Hair Care Line 


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