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Can CBD Help With Postpartum Hair Loss?

Posted by Camille Chacra on

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The body is such a wonder, especially when it comes to pregnancy. Many changes occur, especially when the postpartum period hits—and hair loss is one of the most dreaded. Most women experience excessive shedding and some bald spots, but there may be a solution to speed up regrowth! CBD has shown amazing potential as a natural and effective remedy. 

In this post, we’re digging deeper into postpartum hair loss, the effects of CBD, and tips on how to restore your mane to its natural glory. 

What causes hair loss after pregnancy?

During pregnancy, the body experiences a major increase in estrogen and progesterone levels, leaving hair in a continuous stage of growth. That’s why pregnant women have the most enviable hair… thick, luscious and shiny as can be! 

However, in the months following childbirth, all those hormones start to level out, and hair growth falls into a resting stage for roughly three months before it starts to shed. The good news is that postpartum shedding is completely normal, and inevitably leads to regrowth! Soon enough, cute little bangs will begin to peek out along the hairline. 

How CBD may help with postpartum hair loss 

In 2021, a groundbreaking case study conducted at a hair and scalp center in Florida concluded that CBD can promote hair regrowth in women and men with alopecia. While there isn’t any specific mention of postpartum hair loss, we know that CBD can increase the flow of blood supply, leading to hair growth and renewal. 

Here’s how it works: we all have an endocannabinoid system (ECS), which serves to maintain balance across the body’s main functions, including sleep, appetite, and mood. Now, there are many cannabinoid receptors in the hair follicle cells, which interact with the ECS, and activate hair growth. When massaged into the scalp, CBD penetrates those follicles, and can result in hair shaft elongation. CBD may also increase the signaling pathways that trigger the hair growth phase, when the follicle starts to form a new hair shaft. 

So to all the new mommies dealing with shedding, CBD may be a viable option to accelerate regrowth! Though it’s important to note that conclusive data on CBD for postpartum hair loss is still needed; but data for other types of hair loss is very promising. We also advise avoiding CBD oils if you’re breastfeeding postpartum. Regardless, we always suggest consulting with a medical professional before trying any CBD product. 

Tips to boost hair growth 

Our three-pronged approach is fairly simple! It gives every mom an excuse to prioritize her self-care routine, and feel great from the inside out. 

  • Use all-natural hair products. Cut products loaded with toxins, such as parabens, from your hair care routine; they may be clogging up your follicles and affecting circulation. Instead, reach for Safo’s Hydration Ritual, which includes CBD scalp serum and hair moisturizer. In addition to CBD, our serum includes natural oils, like rosemary, which stimulates scalp circulation and promotes faster hair growth; while our rich hair moisturizer contains sunflower oil, which also kickstarts hair growth, and enhances softness and shine. Click here for the full list of ingredients and instructions!
  • Eliminate unhealthy foods. You know the old saying, “You are what you eat”? Well, it’s pretty spot-on! Encouraging hair growth also comes from within, and consuming toxic ingredients can accelerate hair loss. Try eliminating processed sugars, gluten, and saturated fats. This will help rid your follicles and gut of inflammatory particles that tell your immune system to “attack” your hair, thyroid glands and other organs. Check out Dr. Ellana’s roundup of best foods for hair growth, along with a nourishing avocado quinoa bowl recipe!
  • Find stress support. Having a new baby comes with a whole new set of stressors that can wreak havoc on your wellbeing. Stress is known to trigger hair loss and balding, since the body goes into survival mode. Coping with stress is a daily, and sometimes, minute-to-minute endeavor; try relaxing with restorative practices, such as yoga, meditation and deep breathing, to alleviate stress as much as possible. 

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