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2022 Natural Hair Style Trends

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Are you considering trying a fresh, trendy style this season? The fashion forecast is predicting a lot of braids, updos and protective styles this year. Let’s find out which ones are for you and some basic tips on how to maintain your new look.


Bantu Knot Outs & Twist Outs

Bantu knots and twist outs have been a natural hair main stay for a few years now, and we don’t think it’s going anywhere.

A few easy ways to maintain your look for a few days without having to retwist, or knot, your hair is to wear your satin cap at night and use a good curling gel. These two tips alone with will help you “knot” your look out of the park and reduce the chances that you’ll have to re-do your hair.


Twists, Braids, and Locs

Twists, braids, and locs are another natural hair basic, but this year they’re coming with a little extra challenge. Dyed and decorated braids, twists, and locs are quite popular now thanks to shows like Euphoria, so make sure that when you go hair shopping, grab a little color for your look

The best way to maintain this look is to regularly set it with mousse. No one wants fly aways between their braids, so make sure to keep your braids wrapped up when possible. Another great way to make your braids last longer is to put it in an updo. Wrapping your braids into a messy bun gives it a bohemia that’s very in right now.


Ponytails for Days

High ponytails are great protective look that’s come into vogue this season. You can do a slicked-back ponytail for the timeless, Ariana Grande look, or you can do a braided back, natural looking ponytail for something more down to earth. 

Regardless, we love how professional, fashionable, and effortless this look is.

A great tip for maintaining this look is to lay down your edges with a silk scarf. Using edge control too often can cause irritation to your hair line, whereas using a silk scarf that presses down those unruly baby hairs will be much gentler on your hair.


Mod Bobs

Forget the roaring ‘20s, we’re in the screaming ‘20s and we have a lot to say.

Bobs are at their best when they’re shiny. That’s why we recommend the Safo Scalp Serum. This serum contains everything you need to promote shine and nourish your scalp. If you’re experiencing any breakage from manipulation, the CBD in this formula is great for promote healing.


Lace Front Wigs

Lace front wig technology is improving almost every day, so it’s no wonder why we’re adding this to our list of trending styles.

A great tip for caring for your lace front wig is to be incredibly careful with the lace. The higher quality the lace is, the more fragile it’ll be. Make sure
that you always use the proper adhesive remover to gently remove your wig.


From the active natural to the laid back one, cornrows are officially considered to be poppin’.  The most popular style is the incredibly neat, chunky cornrows instead of the smaller braids. These braids are absolutely beautiful and a great protective style that can last weeks without being touched.

It’s always a good idea to wrap your cornrows in a tight-fitting bonnet or silk scarf. This will keep your cornrows looking new every single day.

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