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The Benefits of Using CBD on Your Scalp

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It can be said with certainty that CBD has become synonymous with total body wellness! Studies have shown it can be a viable remedy for a host of issues, from pain to anxiety. By interacting with the endocannabinoid system, a network of receptors throughout the body that allow us to experience the effects of cannabis, CBD has the ability to soothe from head to toe. 

In this post, we’re starting from the head, investigating why CBD may be the key to keeping your scalp healthy and happy; it reduces inflammation, deeply moisturizes, and its antimicrobial properties keep infections at bay. This cannabinoid never ceases to amaze us! 

Let’s get into it.

CBD is an anti-inflammatory

A significant portion of the US population deals with skin conditions, like psoriasis and atopic dermatitis, the latter being one of the most common forms of eczema on the scalp and hairline. Both can cause red and scaly skin, itchiness, a burning sensation, and dandruff, which are incredibly uncomfortable! Furthermore, certain hair products and tight braids can also inflame the scalp, potentially leading to premature hair loss. 

Enter CBD. Studies have shown that its potent anti-inflammatory powers may reverse irritation! Essentially, we all have cannabinoid receptors on our scalps; they interact with CBD products, such as Safo’s nourishing scalp serum, to help bring down inflammation and curb those bothersome symptoms. And when combined with other therapeutic ingredients, including sunflower, lavender, and rosemary essential oils, alongside Vitamin E – all found in our very own formula – the level of relief can be significant. 

The ultimate scalp moisturizer 

One of the reasons Safo founder Dr. Ellana decided to create a line of CBD hair care products: to tackle the issue of dryness, especially during those harsh winter months. If you live in a bitterly cold climate, you’ve probably experienced the perils of dry skin, whether it be on your hands, face or scalp. While there are many purportedly moisturizing remedies at our disposal, we believe CBD is the most effective treatment. 

When massaged into the scalp on a regular basis, CBD serum can decrease dryness and accelerate the absorption of nutrients, triggering natural sebum production. It’s all about increasing the oil levels on your scalp to reduce dandruff and overall dryness. Sebum is important because it protects and moisturizes your skin. It’s essential for healthy hair growth as well! With ongoing use, you might notice that your dark shirts won’t have those annoying little flakes. Goodbye dandruff! 

Side note – be sure to keep your body nice and hydrated! Remember, good scalp and hair health also comes from within. Try swapping dehydrating alcohol for water and fresh juices. In case you missed it, Dr. Ellana has an amazing mocktail recipe with lemon, orange, pineapple and more. Check it out here

CBD may help prevent and treat scalp infections

Scalp infections are a real drag… they typically happen when fungus or bacteria get into the scalp through hair follicles or damaged skin. Those who suffer from skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema are more prone to these types of infections. But did you know that CBD has antibacterial properties? It’s the cannabinoid that keeps on giving! 

For instance, if you’re dealing with a fungal scalp infection, CBD can oxidize (break down) those fungi cells, preventing them from multiplying and worsening. Its antimicrobial attributes also work to remove the deposit of potentially damaging products including hair spray, which can cause a lot of irritation. 

With that, we wanted to go the extra mile when formulating the Safo hair care collection. We decided to include lavender essential oil in our CBD serum for additional bacteria-fighting capabilities!  

To sum things up, CBD can be a great addition to your hair rituals, especially if you have a skin condition or any other sensitivities. By using dermatologist-approved, THC-free, and paraben-free products like our scalp serum, you’ll likely see and feel a noticeable difference you’ll want to maintain – less inflammation, more hydration, and a reduced likelihood of infection. That sounds pretty nice, doesn’t it? 

We believe that true healing comes from the source and getting to the root of every issue. This surely applies to scalp and hair health, which aren’t to be overlooked; so if you’re considering trying out CBD, take a moment to check out our scalp serum and hair moisturizer

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