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Why CBD Hair Moisturizer Is an Absolute Must-Have

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Safo’s philosophy is all about true healing – our mission is to keep your head happy and healthy from root to tip! In case you missed it, we recently did a deep-dive on the benefits of CBD scalp serum. Today, we’re getting into CBD hair moisturizer, which is also a must-have essential to round out your hair care routine.

Keep reading along  there are many intriguing facts in store for you! You’ll learn all about the anatomy of your strands, how CBD hair moisturizer keeps them hydrated, fortified, and shiny, and lastly, how to properly apply our formula. 

Getting to know your hair 

Hair is pretty simple in its structure! Follicles secure each strand into the skin, with bulbs located at their base. Within a bulb, there are cells that grow and help build the shaft (the part of the strand that isn’t anchored to the scalp). Blood vessels nourish those cells, generating hormones that impact hair growth and texture. The outermost layer of a strand is called the cuticle, which protects its inner layers. 

Hair also contains sebum, a moisturizing oily substance that makes its way down from the scalp to the strands. And we surely can’t leave out keratin, the integral protective protein that keeps hair fortified!

Over time, it’s normal to experience damage from products, heat, cold weather, and other elements. These can lead to dryness, breakage, and dull hair. Natural hair in the Type 4 category is especially susceptible to these issues; curls tend to lack hydration, since sebum on the scalp takes longer to reach the hair. There are also less follicles, plus a thinner cuticle layer. 

But with a CBD hair moisturizer and other complimentary ingredients, these concerns can be taken care of! 

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The benefits of hair moisturizer

Staying hydrated on all fronts is key, whether it be drinking lots of water or massaging lotion into the skin after a steamy shower. Your mane is just as important and requires the same level of care! 

With a CBD hair moisturizer, you get a wide range of benefits. Its amino acids and omega fatty acids target fragile cuticles, and can build on keratin, leaving you with stronger strands, improved elasticity, and shine. It also works to restore cells that have been damaged by styling and chemicals. With frequent use, your hair may feel less brittle, and more supple. Even better: those pesky split ends we all can’t stand likely won’t be as much of a problem. 

What’s special about Safo CBD hair moisturizer is that it includes additional nutrient-rich ingredients, like sunflower oil, honey, and avocado oil, among others. Collectively, they effectively penetrate, repair, and strengthen. In fact, a 2015 International Journal of Trichology study shows that minerals found in avocado oil can help seal cuticle cells and prevent breakage. 

How to properly use hair moisturizer

If you’re interested in trying this type of product, the application process is easy! You can use it after every wash and as a daily moisturizer to reduce dryness or freshen up curls. That way, you’ll experience all the benefits and maintain long-term hair health.

Now, to lock in all that yummy moisture from our non-greasy blend of CBD, crambe abyssinica seed oil, sunflower oil, avocado oil, and honey, apply a quarter-size amount to dry or wet hair following a clarifying shampoo (coming soon)  and conditioner. It’s as simple as that! And if you choose to incorporate it into your styling process, work the same amount into your locks prior to using a flat iron or hot comb. 

To take things to the next level, also consider using a scalp serum for complete hydration! It encourages hair growth by reducing dryness and inflammation. 

Hair and scalp goals on point. ✓

Our hair is both our pride and personal expression. We like to think of it as a beautiful crown that merits being tended to with love! Combined with a healthy lifestyle, a nurturing hair routine is an integral part of total body wellness. 

As such, we prioritize centuries-old herbal tradition with a dermatologist-tested formula free of parabens, silicone, and other harmful additives we often see in commercial products. The proof is in nature’s gifts, from therapeutic CBD to sunflower oil, and beyond. 

Join us on our mission to keep your curls bouncy, moisturized, and gorgeous! Subscribe to the Safo newsletter here for a complete guide to CBD hair care, as well as useful tips. 

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