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Dr. Ellana’s Haircare Routine

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My hair care routine is usually very simple given I am super busy. I am very particular about what I put on my hair and skin. Making sure I use the best quality products results in great outcomes without having to use so many different products, which can also be time-consuming.

I typically wash, condition and apply a leave-in conditioner on an easy wash day, but I recently removed braids and my hair needed a little more TLC.

Step 1: I used the Safo clarifying shampoo (coming soon) to remove any extra build-up. The Safo clarifying shampoo has CBD and is intended to strip the hair of excess oils and other products, but does not dry out your hair like other clarifying shampoos I have used in the past. I typically focus on my scalp care when I have braids. The tension during the first few weeks can cause pain and maybe inflammation.  I found that after a new braided style my scalp is usually on fire!  The serum calmed my scalp immediately and I slept well the first night!  #IYKYK

During my time with braids, I applied the Safo scalp serum a few times a week and would apply the moisturizer at the base of the braids periodically maybe once every week or every few weeks.

Step 2: I will use a good conditioner after wearing braids for weeks.  After a good clarifying wash to remove the build up, I applied the Safo leave-in conditioner. My hair is usually super soft and does feel dry after using the Safo Leave-in Conditioner (coming soon).  We made sure to keep in mind why we apply leave-in conditioners with the hope of sealing the hair and provide the strengthen the hair shaft, so we include Chebe powder and other traditional herbal ingredients to give the intended results.


Chebe seeds are use to create a powder that has been used for centuries by the women of the Republic of Chad in Africa.  This powder is an ancient herbal product used to hydrate the hair, prevent breakage and promote hair growth.  


Step 3: Lately, I have been obsessed with twist outs, which are easy to do after washing and allows my hair to dry quickly overnight. I used the Safo curl cream to do my twists. The curl cream also contains Chebe powder along with avocado oil and honey to provide extra moisture. The best thing about the curl cream is the light rose smell that is just beautiful!

Step 4: I apply a little Safo Scalp oil and I cover my hair with a satin scarf or hat and stay on the lookout because the Safo scarf is coming soon!  By morning it is no longer wet and the moisture didn't mysteriously get zapped away in the middle of the night like it usually does. I typically find my hair becomes super dry like the Sahara desert if I do not apply the right products after washing. 

Step 5: I take the twists out as I prepare for my day...Fluff and go! This is usually the fun part - styling. In the wintertime, a cute hat is always a win. A few new finds are patterned head scarves that add the right flavor to my style for the day.

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Safo Wash Day Routine

❊ Step 1: Remind yourself it's your time to ~Relax~

❊ Step 2: Apple pre-shampoo (optional)

❊ Step 3: Detangle & Section with your fingers

❊ Step 4: Shampoo gently

❊ Step 5: Deep Condition 

❊ Step 6: Condition

❊ Step 7: Moisturize with our CBD hair moisturizer

❊ Step 8: Massage hair serum to the scalp

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