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CBD for Black Hair

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In recent years, research on the efficacy of CBD hair care has started rolling in. So far, findings have shown great promise when it comes to hair growth, fortification and hydration! And while there’s a wide spectrum of hair types that respond well to CBD, we’ve observed that it can be particularly effective on Black hair.

Compared to other types, Black hair tends to require a little more TLC. It’s typically prone to breakage, dryness, and brittleness. This is why CBD may be a perfect treatment to improve hair and scalp health without the irritation of harsh chemicals. 

Today, we’re going over the specifics of Black hair, the benefits of using CBD, and how to best apply our therapeutic scalp serum and hair moisturizer for optimal results.

Main characteristics of Black hair

With a diverse range of textures and thickness, Black hair is truly distinctive! Compared to other hair types, it has certain qualities that require more care. For one, Black hair has a thinner cuticle layer (the protective outer layer of hair), meaning it’s subject to breakage. In terms of density, there are fewer follicles, meaning hair loss might be more noticeable. Furthermore, dryness is a prevalent issue. See, to maintain hydration, the scalp produces sebum; straighter hair tends to seal in those natural oils, however the process isn’t as easy for curly hair, which can get quite dry. 

Now, when looking at hair textures, there are different categories, from Type 1 (straight) to Type 4 (coily). Black hair is very diverse and on average can range from Type 3 to Type 4 hair, but the majority falls into the Type 4 category.  This type of hair can be characterized by significant density and tighter curls. It’s known to maintain its shape, even when wet. Here’s a simple breakdown of the most predominant 4’s:

  • 4A: The most common hair type among Black women. It’s delicate and defined by tight coils, a wider curl pattern, and softer texture. 
  • 4BTight coils with a zig-zag pattern. Textures range from fine and thin, to wiry and coarse. 
  • 4C: Very tightly coiled, densely packed, and delicate. Similar to 4B in terms of texture. 


The benefits of CBD on Black hair

We believe that CBD should be a staple in your hair care routine, especially if your texture is Type 4! It contains the rich vitamins, minerals, and nutrients needed for a healthy scalp and strong hair, mitigating any issues you might be dealing with.

Let’s start with dryness. When applying CBD serum from root to tip, it’s easily absorbed and can give you a nice dose of hydration. It deeply penetrates, while also being lightweight, so your scalp and hair won’t feel greasy or weighed down. Overall, a weekly hair wash (shampoo coming soon) and regular Safo treatments – which we’ll go over a bit later  really help lock in all that good moisture! 

CBD may also target thin cuticles by strengthening hair with amino acids and omega fatty acids. They build on the keratin already found in your hair, leading to stronger strands with improved elasticity. Breakage and split ends are never fun! We must say… our moisturizer is a hug for your hair, and it even works to restore cells damaged by heat and chemicals. 

Lastly, if you have braids, you’re probably more than familiar with the discomfort and scalp swelling they initially cause. CBD can soothe irritation, pain, and inflammation by interacting with the cannabinoid receptors on the scalp that allow us to experience some relief. 

How to apply CBD products on the scalp and hair

A happy scalp and hair may be achievable if you commit to regularly applying CBD. Hair textures in the Type 4 category can benefit from scalp serum massages and deep conditioning moisturizer. 

We recommend the Safo hydration ritual! Here’s how to use our dermatologist-approved, THC-free, paraben-free, all-natural formulas:

  • Scalp serum: Apply a dime-size amount directly to the wet or dry scalp. Massage with your fingertips or a wide tooth comb. Aim to use this serum 2-3 times per week! 
  • Hair moisturizer: Apply a quarter-size amount to dry or wet hair as the final step of your hair care ritual after clarifying shampoo, serum, and conditioner. Or, you can use it as a daily moisturizer to reduce dryness or freshen up curls. 

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