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Back to school: Stand Out from the Crowd with your Crown!

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Tis the season to get the young ones blessed, fresh and off to school! Most likely, if your little one has locs, they’ve already told you how they want to express themselves through their hair for the first day back. And that’s the beauty of having locs. You can get very creative with limited effort to have your child stand out from the crowd with their crown.  Whether your scholar has short, medium or long locs, there are plenty of stylists, styles and products to choose from to get ready for the classroom.

Scholastics focus on filling our heads with lots of useful information, but research has shown that confidence has a direct impact on student success. So helping your scholar look their best, helps them to feel their best, which allows them to perform their best in school.Boy starter locs

Wash and Retwist

No matter the length, wash day can always feel like a major undertaking. So be sure to give yourself enough time to mentally relax before you embrace your child’s coils. There are so many products to use during wash day, so go with whichever product leaves your child’s locs most moisturized. As you towel dry, remember not to squeeze the locs into the towel as you may leave lint on the locs.

Now when it comes to oiling the scalp, some stylists do this immediately after drying the hair, while others wait until the end of retwisting to do so. I personally prefer to oil my scalp after drying my hair and massage that into my scalp. Now you’re free to retwist, sit under the dryer and then style your locs! Be mindful that many forego the dryer for natural air drying. If you do that, just make sure all your locs fully dry before going to bed to prevent mold buildup (I know, right!?!).

oiling scalp

Back to School Styles

The fun part about hair is that it is an expression of self. Your loc’d crown is a part of your identity. So feel free to let your scholar choose their style. And there are plenty of sites you can visit to get ideas for short-hair locs, styles for medium locs or long hair loc styles. Your scholar will command respect. They do that by feeling confident. Remind them that they are in charge of how they feel about their hair. And there are so many different styles for various lengths, so enjoy the journey!

We hope your scholar has a brilliant and enjoyable school year!


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Dr. Ellana

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