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6 Tips for Growing Longer hair, 4C Hair

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Having long, natural hair is one of the most exciting hair transitions that there is. Though coloring, weaves, wigs, and other hairstyle displays are beautiful, having naturally long hair is incredibly special. Some might say that 4C hair can’t grow long, if at all, but we’ve seen so many natural haired celebrities and influencers who have amazingly long hair. Don’t let a little something like shrinkage or coils stop you, we have a few timeless tips and tricks to help you get the luscious locks that you deserve. 


Use Good Tools

Finding the proper tools is the first step towards long hair. It’s vital to choose tools that are gentle on your hair, stimulate growth, and won’t cause breakage. So, what products should you use? Here are a few essential items to help you on your hair growth journey:

  • Detangling brush
  • Wide tooth comb
  • Pin clips
  • Cotton hair ties and headbands
  • Professional hair scissors
  • Edge groomer
  • Spray bottle
  • Plastic Bag caps
  • Microfiber towels
  • A blow dryer with a “cold” setting

Remember, it’s still important to be gentle as you use any of these tools. Don’t damage your hair trying to grow it.  Check out our previous blog that goes more into details. 

Protect Your Hair

The next step towards hair great hair care is protection. You can protect your hair with protective hairstyles, wearing a bonnet at night, and proper moisturization (but we’ll explain how to do that next).

A great thing about protective styles is the versatility. You can do anything from box braids to bantu knots to help keep your hair safe. Whatever you choose, you must protect your ends. Why? Because the ends of your hair are the oldest, most fragile part of your hair. If you can keep this part of your hair safe first, then you’ll quickly be able to grow your hair to your dream length.

Hydration and Moisturization

We tend to see these two words used interchangeably, but they’re actually two different things that share the same goal: healthy hair.

Hydration is adding water to your hair to keep your hair healthy. Whereas moisturization is preventing the loss of that added water. The best time to promote hydration and moisturization is on your wash day. You have access to water, great shampoos and conditioners, and Hydration Ritual by Safo. Safo’s hair moisturizer contains oils like sunflower, avocado, CBD, and honey. Adding Safo’s hair moisturizer can help nourish your scalp and provides essential nutrients for growth. Afterward, feel free to add your necessary oils and style your hair.

Easy on the Oils

Adding oils to your hair care routine is necessary but tricky. Add too little and you won’t be able to get balanced nutrients, add too much and you clog your pores and prevent growth, hydration, and cause breakage. So how do you do know what oils and how much to add? The best thing to do is to get a bottle of Safo’s Scalp Serum. It’s specifically formulated to nourish your scalp, which is great for potentially promoting hair growth. It has great ingredients like sunflower oil, lavender, rosemary, vitamin E, and CBD to help promote moisture retention and shine.



Get a Trim

Believe it or not, trimming your hair is important but should never be frequent. In fact, you only need to trim your hair once every two to four months if necessary.

How do you know when you need a trim? When you have split ends, rough ends, and brittle ends that don’t bounce back from hydration. Removing these parts will allow healthier parts of your hair to be the oldest, thus promoting a great foundation for growth retention. If it needs the trim, use professional scissors to prevent split ends, breakage, and trauma to your hair. Checking your hair when you need a trim is also a great time for a length check!

Have a Healthy Lifestyle

Finally, make sure that you’re living a healthy lifestyle that promotes healthy blood flow, hydration, and a balanced diet. A happy body produces healthy hair, so make sure that you also try to do things that relieve emotional, physical, and mental stress too. There are so many great exercises, foods, and beverages out there that encourage health, try them out today!


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