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Black-Owned CBD Companies to Shop and Support

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A round-up of trailblazing brands you need to know about. 

In 2020, it was estimated that only 4.3% of cannabis businesses are Black-owned. For far too long, there’s been a major lack of inclusion and representation in the industry! 

Though as the space continues to grow, we’re seeing a greater sense of awareness around these issues. There’s been an inspiring emergence of more Black-owned CBD companies offering incredible products harnessing the power of the plant. 

Today, we’re sharing a round-up of our fellow Black-owned CBD companies you should be paying attention to! 

Brown Girl Jane

“Every inch of our business was designed to create a collection, and a community, that helps bring balance and healing to the body, mind and spirit for our badass sisters.”

After suffering spinal nerve damage from childbirth, CEO Malaika Jones began experimenting with holistic alternatives to traditional pharmaceuticals. Once CBD entered the picture, she never looked back, and went on to create her own company, Brown Girl Jane. The brand’s vast collection includes drops, gummies, fragrances, candles, and skincare, made with US-grown broad spectrum hemp. Beyond products, Brown Girl Jane’s mission is to support, represent and diversify the ever-growing cannabis industry. 

Learn more here

Photo: Brown Girl Jane


“Plants don’t discriminate, nor do we.”

Named after the Norse goddess of intuition and wisdom, Frigg invites CBD lovers to connect with their roots. It all starts with wholesome plant-based goods that contribute to a balanced life.    

Founded by Kimberly Dillon, the first Black Chief Marketing Officer in the cannabis industry, Frigg was born out of her desire to tackle burnout, and its toll on the mind and body. From tea, to edibles and attuning face potion, Frigg’s clean and accessible formulas deliver all the therapeutic benefits of sustainably-sourced CBD—reduced anxiety, inflammation and skin issues. Plus, they’re working on hemp-based packaging… so cool! Frigg is definitely a brand to watch. 

Learn more here

Photo: Frigg


“Feel yourself.”

Xula (chula \ ˈchül ə \) means “chill, intelligent, cute, balanced”; to feel good in one’s own skin. For founders Mennlay Golokeh Aggrey and Karina Primelles, this sentiment is at the heart of everything they do. 

Xula is a Black and Latina-owned hemp brand based in Mexico City. Their approach to wellness bridges ancestral herbal knowledge with modern science, resulting in quality CBD sourced from their own organic farm in Oregon. Xula’s greatest intention is to dignify, amplify and regenerate all bodies “left out of society’s gaze”: menopausal, trans, nonbinary, and beyond. This is something we can all stand behind! To that end, their products effectively target several concerns, like pain, sleep, stress and women’s health. 

Learn more here

Photo: Xula

Undefined Beauty

“Wellness shouldn’t be illusive or exclusive—let’s democratize it.”

That’s founder Dorian Morris’ unapologetic and honest philosophy when it comes to CBD products! Undefined Beauty’s objective is to “undefine” beauty—in other words, make it accessible and affordable, all while de-stigmatizing the plant. 

The brand focuses on providing non-toxic and sustainably-sourced CBD, education and inclusivity, delivering a meaningful experience for CBD consumers. They have a wealth of products to choose from, including edibles, bath salts, mists, and more. Basically, everything you need for a delightful, head-to-toe plant-based ritual. 

Learn more here.

Photo: Undefined Beauty


“Click into your calm.”

Carolyn Gray is the powerhouse behind Noirebud, a luxury CBD company that prides itself on serving all demographics with a sense of humbleness, integrity and simplicity. While navigating the cannabis industry, Carolyn realized there was a lack of representation and affordable products created by—and for—the Black community. 

Noirebud’s goodies are meant to take you through the ebbs and flows of daily life. You’ll drool over their delicious CBD chocolates, which include flavors like rum raisin and dulce de leche—and not to mention, loose leaf tea, peppermint spray and a roll-on recovery balm. 

Learn more here.

Photo: Noirebud

Join us in supporting Black-owned brands making an impact in the wonderful world of CBD! We can’t wait to see more entrepreneurs dive into this dynamic space. 

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